The European Union, its Member States and Europeans across the continent are mobilised in support of people fleeing the war in Ukraine. We are working on all fronts to support Ukraine with assistance, humanitarian aid and civil protection. This specific initiative wants to support researchers of Ukraine by providing them with an overview of all existing actions at European and national levels.



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In order to provide the research community with useful and up-to-date information, this section will be updated regularly based on the evolution of the situation and the needs to address.

Find useful information in Hungary

Bridge for Transcarpathia for students/researchers: The Tempus Foundation has created the Bridge for Transcarpathia initiative, that collects the following programmes to help Ukrainian refugees in the higher-education systems:


  • Students at risk: This is a sub programme of the Stipendium Hungaricum. Students may apply from only partner countries of the Stipendium Hungaricum Programme. The students at risk programme is available for students of Ukrainian citizenship, and for SU partner country citizenship students who studied in Ukraine.
  • Erasmus+: Higher education students, lecturers and staff from Ukraine and third countries can apply under the extended Erasmus+ scholarship for temporary positions / study programmes.
  • CEEPUS: Ukrainian free mover mobility grantees can participate in the mobility under facilitated conditions. Hungarian institutions can use about 200 months of support for this purpose, with 3 months of student and 1 month of teacher mobility.
  • Makovecz Programme: allows Transcarpathian Hungarian students, lecturers and professionals to get involved in higher education in Hungary and also in the entire Carpathian Basin.


Science for Ukraine for students/researchers: Information about available studies or work opportunities. The interactive map can be filtered to show opportunities for researchers or students. Other filter options are also available. Select Hungary by zooming in on the map. (in English)


    The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (“MTA”) has launched a programme to help members of the public body of the Academy, scientists as well as staff members of Transcarpathian scientific, higher education, cultural and artistic institutions and organisations. For help and information, it is possible to contact the Academy directly through this e-mail: 


    The Eötvös Lóránd Research Network ("ELKH") secretariat has made an appeal to the members of the network to support researchers in difficulty. Research centres of the network offer guest researcher scholarships as well as accommodation. 


    The Central European University's Ukraine Solidarity Initiatives collects several options to assist students and researchers fleeing Ukraine such as: 

    •  Invisible University for Ukraine (IUFU) programme
    • ​Support for academics and alumni fleeing from Ukraine including fellowships at CEU and free accommodation in Budapest

    Member States and Associated countries

    The Commission and EU Member States work together at all levels to channel humanitarian and civil protection support to Ukraine and neighbouring countries. Below you can find an overview of the most useful information per country: