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How to do a PhD in Hungary?


In partnership with Euraxess Worldwide, a new webinar is out on the "How to do a PhD in Europe" series!


This webinar aims to give an understanding of the Hungarian PhD and DLA system - with the focus on candidates outside of Europe. We present you with practical tips and information to get familiar with the Hungarian PhD process and start planning your studies here.


The webinar explores key topics such as:


  • Introduction to the Hungarian PhD system
  • How to choose the right PhD programme?
  • What the Hungarian Association of PhD and DLA Candidates can do for you
  • What kind of scholarships do foreign candidates have available?
  • All about fees, the application process and the application system




Viktória Lilla Pató

Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Candidates

Vice President of foreign affairs



Attila Farkas

Tempus Public Foundation