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Accommodation in Hungary




Researchers arriving in Hungary usually rent real estates. However, before your arrival, it is worth checking with your host institute if they can offer accommodation for you. Universities usually can guarantee accommodation for a limited number of foreign PhD students in their dormitories. This is the cheapest solution therefore it is worth asking the target university’s international office about this opportunity in advance.


Flat/House rental costs vary according to the town, real estate size, closeness to centre and to main means of transport. They are usually higher in Budapest than in other towns.


Finding a flat in Budapest is relatively easy through real estate agents or private advertisements, as the real estate market is bustling. In Budapest, there are 23 different districts that are divided on both sides of the Danube river. The more central downtown districts are numbered V,VI,VII and parts of districts VIII, IX, and XIII on Pest side, and parts of districts I, II, and III on the Buda side of the river. Prices of a furnished studio flat in the relative city centre of Budapest range between 400 and 500 euros a month, depending on the exact location and the state of the apartment. Prices of a furnished 2-room flat in the relative city centre range between 500 and 800 euros a month, depending on the exact location and the state of the apartment.


Apart from the monthly rent, you are usually required to pay utilities, common cost and a one-time deposit of two months' rent upon signing the agreement, which is refunded when you move out.