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Career Development



Knowing your skills, strengths, values and motivations is of high importance when considering your future career options and reflecting on the various career paths you may choose, both within and outside academia.

In the increasingly diverse global research environment, career development is vital to be flexible and successful in your professional career path.

EURAXESS offers a range of resources, developed by our network partners.

All of our services and tools are free of charge and available online so you can use them whenever you wish to improve your research and transferable skills. Whatever stage you are at in your research career, our tools will help you to test your skills and find the resources you need to advance in your career development.

REFLEX Online Application
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This application will help you to:

• explore which career support services are already available at your institution;

• find the opportunities which labour market offers for your career;

• identify key areas of your professional development.

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Career Development Resources for Researchers
Improve your skills concept

This tool will help you to:

• build your knowledge about information literacy, disciplinary working, IPR; get advice on leadership skills, managing a research career, professional development;

• learn about public engagement and researcher self-assessment;

• use resources for market exploitation of research results and working with industry.

OPen tool



Discover Careers Beyond Academia
Portrait Of entrepreneur In Warehouse

This tool will help you to:

• learn about what it is like to work outside of academia;

• acquire up-to-date labour market information on what careers are available;

• read career stories from researchers across Europe no longer working in academia;

• learn practical information about career planning;

• get advice and guidance on getting a non-academia job.

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Talent Development Suite
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This tool will help you to:

• achieve a better understanding of your professional and private life;

• find out what is your personal vision in defining and clarifying your professional future as well as your private aims;

• figure out what steps you should take in order to achieve a successful career and a fulfilled private life.

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Intercultural Assistant
Culture Ethnicity Diversity Nation People Concept

This tool will help you to:

• test and develop your intercultural communication skills and competences;

• learn how to become a part of a new community;

• get practical tips about how to find support while adapting to a new cultural environment.

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No Limits Toolkit

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This tool will help you to:

• identify what is important for you in your career;

• have a good understanding on how to build on your skills and knowledge;

• consider a wide range of career options and plan to reach your professional goals.

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