3rd PRIDE annual conference online

The 3rd PRIDE conference, originally planned at Charles University in Prague, will take place online. Thinking of the job profile of professionals in doctoral education, communication skills are one major must-have. Universities are complex organizations with diverse stakeholders who have different needs and goals. Professionals in doctoral education are expected to have an awareness of the interplay of these different interests in their working environment and to be able to communicate with diverse stakeholders.

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►The conference takes place on 5 and 6 May 2021. 


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„Giving a voice to professionals in doctoral education – how do we communicate and position ourselves?“

Speakers from many different backgrounds will share their experiences and give you the opportunity to open discussions in Q&A sessions right after their presentations:

  • Åse Gornitzka, Vice-Rector and Professor of Political Science at the University of Oslo
  • Vitalba Crivello, Science Policy & Communication Expert at European Science-Media Hub (STOA), DG EPRS at European Parliament
  • Douglas Halliday, Vice-Chair of the UK Council for Graduate Education and Director of the Durham Global Challenges Centre for Doctoral Training
  • Maura Hannon, expert and trainer in the field of communication and writing, with a focus on digital media space
  • Oriana Bertucci, project manager in the Research Office at the University of Liège in Belgium
  • Denis Billotte, Secrétaire général at Conférence universitaire de Suisse occidentale – CUSO
  • Brigitte Lehmann, CEO Humboldt Graduate School