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  • Hungary
    Working in Europe | Pension rights

    Pension in EU countries If you have worked in several EU countries, you may have accumulated pension rights in each of them. You should apply to the pension authority in the country where you are currently living, or you last worked. If you have never worked in the country where you are living, your...

  • Hungary
    Working in Europe | Recognition of diplomas

    Recognition of scientific degrees The recognition of scientific degrees issued by a foreign higher education institution falls within the authority of those Hungarian higher education institutions which are entitled to offer PhD training and award scientific degrees in the field of study testified...

  • Hungary
    Working in Europe | Research Landscape

    The new publication of the NRDI Office aims to provide an understanding of the role and significance research development and innovation has on boosting competitiveness- to the widest possible audience. To this end, the publication provides an objective view of the current state of the Hungarian RDI...

  • Hungary
    Working in Europe, Leaving Europe | Career Development, Research funding opportunities

    Researchers willing to consider alternatives to traditional science career path in academia or industry can find direct hands-on information regarding scientific entrepreneurship opportunities available in Hungary, as well as funding programmes and visa or residence permit rules to attract and...

  • Hungary
    Working in Europe | Taxation/salaries

    A foreign national working in Hungary will, subject to certain conditions, become liable to Hungarian taxation. The main tax is personal income tax. Other taxes to which an expatriate can become liable are local taxes, vehicle tax, property tax, property transfer tax, etc. Expatriates may become...

  • Hungary
    Working in Europe | Unemployment

    Two types of cash unemployment benefits may be claimed in Hungary: jobseeker’s allowance and jobseeker’s assistance before pension. In addition, jobseekers are entitled to refunds of expenses, and various active labour market instruments are available (e.g. labour market consultancy, mediation...

  • Hungary
    Working in Europe | Work permit

    Researchers coming form the European Economic Area do not need work permit in Hungary. Third Country researchers coming to Hungary on the basis of international agreements (e.g. EU Framework Programme, Bilateral Science and Technology Agreements), or coming to work at the Hungarian Academy of...